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International Trade

The Group is expanding its international trade constantly by global cooperation network, based on its supply and sales service of raw materials, equipments, spare parts and final products for various mega projects as well as demands of governments and enterprises from different countries.

Import and export of mechanical and electrical products is one of the Group’s business advantages. Through years of experience accumulation, the Group keeps close cooperation relationships with hundreds of equipment manufactures home and abroad, and could supply not only single-unit equipments & spare parts, but also large complete sets of equipment of high quality to its customers.

 As for import and export of bulk raw materials, the Group, as the appointed agent of Rosneft and service provider of Royal Dutch Shell, mainly engages in sale of crude oil and all kinds of oil product, as well as import and export of all kinds of ore products. Meanwhile, the Group is cooperating with several countries to provide office supplies, foodstuff, medicines, special tools, etc.

 Besides, the Group devotes itself to the field of new technology applications and focus on the related supplies such as power batteries for cars. 

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Address:FL21,New Century Commerce Mansion,No.200 Shifu Road,Heping District,Shenyang,China  Power By:Shenyang enterprises Technology Co., Ltd.